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Ninjas Vs Pirates

2008 Resurrection

Ninjas vs. Pirates
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Ninjas vs. Pirates

Ninjas vs. Pirates is an ongoing debate about which is cooler. If you are a ninja or a pirate feel free to join. However, realize that Ninjas have the real ultimate power and pirates just swashbuckle.

We both agree that clowns are inherently evil.

Please post an introduction message upon joining which includes your ninja/pirate ranking, location of dojo or pirate ship, and favorite ninja/pirate past time. Thanks!

basic, very simple rules:
-Do not post quiz results or you will be burninated
-Stay on topic. [if you have a hard time doing so, we pity you]
-No whoring out your community in here, unless it is related to ninjas, pirates, or a similar blood feud.
-if you are going to post something that is incredibly lame, but within the boundaries of our minimalist rule set, put it behind a lj-cut [examples include rap lyrics, pictures, and anything else the mods don't want to look at]
-If you post an image that is hot linked from a server or photo host account that does NOT belong to you it will be deleted. multiple offences will lead to banning. i hate it, but i have to be strict, and actually put effort into moderating this community now.

Ninja Turtles hate the Shredder